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The Bergamot – Make It Last

A relaxed tune with an urgent message attached.

Once again, The Bergamot just got me hooked with the unmatched personality of their song. With any other track of the guys it’s basically the same: the sound feels so honest and personal, as if Nathaniel and Jillian would sit down next to you, handing you a cup of coffee to just have a chat with you. Every time I put on a song of them, my 5- and 8-year-old daughters start to groove or dance along. (Whenever this happens, it’s proof that the track is destined to go far out there. Believe me.)

With ‘Make It Last’ it’s no different. A slow and relaxed approach with an urgent message attached. (By the way, that’s a specialty of The Bergamot, it’s their own genre if you will. Let’s call it ‘Alternative Pop Rock with deeper meaning’…how about…Bergarock?)
I like the way the message is presented, there’s no pushing or energetic tension building happening from the backing nor the vocals, everything feels calm and steady, yet distinct and goal-driven. There’s lush melodies, this lightweight and feelable vibe between the single tracks, and of course, this chemistry and soul in the vocals. The sound proves once again that The Bergamot are dreamers who actually use their voice trying to reach you. To achieve something. Attaching thoughts and dreams to awesome music results in a tool to move mountains with ease. And boy, The Bergamot WILL do so down the road. In my opinion they already started doing so.

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Florian Maier

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