RaiiZeR – Beyond

Someone up for futuristic synth pop tonight? I didn’t know I was – until I heard the newest track of dutch producer RaiiZeR. I was hooked from minute one.


What starts with a soft almost flute-ish synth evolves quickly into an atmosphere you just know something great is going to happen. Have you ever witnessed the sunset? Minutes before that big yellow ball comes up, there’s this moment of excitement in nature happening. That’s practically the picture this track draws for me within the first minute.
As soon as the main synths hit, the track lifts off and shows what it’s capable of. With a steady, slow beat and a quite minimalistic arpeggiated snyth melody, it leads into a world of groove. To take a break from all this, the flow is broken down by that speech snippet, only to get it on again seconds later. One of the beautiful things of “Beyond” is these unexpected little things happening. Plus they are not happening so quick that you cannot even process them, on the contrary. It is kind of brave to let those things happen in a way that the listener can react. Why? Because if you do any of them wrong, the song will strike out. Three strikes, and the listener is off to the next track. This doesn’t happen here at all, folks. Everything is in place, the atmosphere always stays in pure excitement mode, and the track lets you just hang in there, somewhere between space and time, past and future, inside and outside of your mind.

Seems like the usage of synths in all form, plus not rushing anything is the signature element for RaiiZeR. He often creates these awesome atmospheres almost with these synths alone, like in “1978” where the setting is completely different, more aggressive and with a dangerous feel attached. Or in “Reality” where the atmosphere contains more tension and darkness. Always taking his time, the producer creates those slow, massive environments to feel, not only to listen to. As mentioned before with other tracks of other producers, I love it when someone doesn’t trick you into something or tries to deceive the listener with brutal, machine gun progressions or tons of side tracks which overload the music. So, that’s it, guys – this here is electro in a form of how it should be done.

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