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Nightshift feat. Marvenko – Just a Phone

The new release of Pittsburgh based duo Nightshift feels really authentic. This isn’t just caused by the video which in my opinion draws its main impact energy out of the fact that what you can see is done in a very honest and almost vulnerable way. It’s also the music itself that transmits this relatable atmosphere.

With a fresh and lightweight guitar based backing and a defensive yet unusual rhythm section, the tune feels like a buddy stopping by to pour his heart out. The vocals are done emotional and honest, and while they have this positive vibe attached to them, they can switch seamlessly between melancholic and happy back and fourth in the same basic scenario. This pretty much is a great reflection of the songs’ topic. The everyday insecurities of many speaks through ‘Just a Phone’ in a very understanding and heartfelt way – that’s probably what makes this track having such an impact on me.

Because, hands up, folks: who cannot relate to the topic of this tune? Jep. That’s what I thought.

Find out more about Nightshift here:

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