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Tic Tic – Puppets and Toys

This track evolves from caterpillar to butterfly.

Norwegian artist Irene Svendsen and Kai Drange, better known as Tic Tic, did a great job to create a whole palette of moodsets with this tune taken off the album ‘Comfort in the Echo’. With quite the minimal approach, the track starts off with a very fragile atmosphere, as listener you almost don’t dare to breathe because you feel like you could damage something in there if doing so. Over time, the created atmosphere changes form, pattern and texture. What felt vulnerable at the beginning grows into a more dense and distinct main theme, picking up energy and a fuller body in the process.

I love the way in which these glassy vocals (both male and female) blend seamlessly with the backing. Some might say that the backing is held a bit too minimal, but in my opinion, it’s this concept that helps ‘Puppets and Toys’ to keep its mysterious glassy vibe all the way. The harmonized vocal parts, followed by the energetic main theme with handmade percussive elements, feels really direct and intense. The track that first whispered you something in your ears all of a sudden has a full-blown statement for anyone who wants to know. This track evolves from caterpillar to butterfly right in front of you.

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