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MIHI NIHIL – Vertigo

Way more intense than the ordinary radio-friendly song.

Prepare to be confronted with thoughts and impressions that might not be the easiest to handle. The new release of Benjamin Montoya, Mihi Vox, Adam Alt and Nick Steinberg, better known as MIHI NIHIL, forces you to open up doors you didn’t want to open, and to let sink in what is hidden behind them. Being described as ‘a high-wire act of internal conflict, a spiral of self-loathing, discovery & acceptance’, the tune goes way deeper than the ordinary radio-friendly feelgood pop song.

Building a somewhat dark scenario with a a distorted bass and these roomy soundscaping elements, listening to ‘Vertigo’ feels like you just entered your own mind. The surrounding seems somewhat uncomfortable while strangely familiar at the same time. There’s a lot of tension going on in the tune, and this melancholic duality of the message is reflected perfectly by the music. The vocals, done in this lush fashion with this special ‘I-know-how-this-feels’ vibe woven in there, are both comforting and painfully honest, as if the voice would consist of unfiltered emotions. Along the dark backing scenario which takes its time to deliver in a slow and methodical fashion, the sound has a maximum effect on not just your ears but also your thoughts. Needless to say, the video coming with the song doesn’t fail to deliver, as the intention of the song is reflected perfectly with detailed and intense pictures from start to finish.

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