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The Pierce Project – Vanilla Parfait

The one you can find in the deli, top shelf.

You gotta love the lightweight positive approach of this track. I got to admit, there is a certain quirky attitude attached to the song, but that’s exactly what makes ‘Vanilla Parfait’ a natural in my opinion. The positive piano backing along a defensive yet groovy rhythm set creates this impression of a warm and bright summer day, while the vocals tell their story with that certain smile on the face, so to speak.

The three guys of The Pierce Project manage to blend the past and the present with this tune. There’s a certain ‘vintage glow’ attached to the whole song, but you can also find that distorted guitar elements in there. And in case you didn’t know, the guys are 15, 16 and 21 years old. For someone who just started their music career, the whole song concept feels very matured and well-thought, if you ask me. So this, my friends, isn’t the Vanilla Parfait you can get in the dollar store. You’ll find it in the deli, top shelf.

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