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The People’s Thieves – Twisted

Like a journey through thoughts.

Dealing with depression and anxiety never sounded more intense. In the new release of alternative-indie-pop-rock band The People’s Thieves, there’s a certain desperation lurking in the shadows. The backing builds a perfect dark and threatening atmosphere with soundscaping elements, reverbed synths and icy percussive tracks. The vocals are done intense and expressive, they transmit the base theme of the track perfectly.

I think what makes ‘Twisted’ a goosebump-creating experience for me is the fact that I believe the intensity it transmits. The message is transmitted loud and clear, and sometimes the painful desperation and urgency of the lyrics is thrown at you with a thrilling undertone, courtesy of the vocals. It’s as if you are granted a glimpse into to head of someone who lived through all of this. With those special atmospheric elements added, the tune feels like a journey through thoughts of a torn human who isn’t able to hold back these voices in the head any longer. What seems calm and controlled at the beginning builds tension and energy only to erupt into intense energetic statements when it’s enough. You gotta love the story that’s told on the emotional level here.

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Florian Maier

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