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Theresa – Marathon

Life ain't a race.

The new release of american multitalent Theresa is packed with surprises, energy, and that special twist that makes this tune stand out before others. In other words: this is like spicy food for your soul. Everything in ‘Marathon’ oozes energy and confidence. The jumpy bass line paves the way for the quirky synths and the driving rhythm set, which injects what I like to call a ‘passionate groove’ into the tune.

And then there are these vocals. Besides the fact that they are processed in a unqiue fashion on several levels, they are loaded with confidence and have this addictive ‘you-ain’t-seen-nothing-yet’ vibe attached. This positive powerful feel that’s present in the track just makes me smile and move along to the rhythm right away. (Don’t tell me YOU can sit still while listening!) I love this quirky, sassy and stirring flavor that’s mixed into the disco-ish synth lines and the clappy percussion. Overall, exactly THIS sparkling and alive approach is how to turn heads with music.

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