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Ty Trehern – Better Off

How to express the need to be alone with music.

This tune manages to transmit the messages loud and clear with just the right amount of elements present. Being a song that talks about coming to terms with the need to be alone and the process of communicating that with a significant other, ‘Better Off’ uses a melodic lush groovy guitar as the main base for the atmosphere that’s created. The whole track feeds off the powerful expression of the vocals though. With an almost lightweight approach, the song handles the topic with a real unique mindset.

I love that the track reflects the melancholy and the helplessness of the topic so perfectly. Whoever has been in such a situation before knows exactly what it feels like to be caught between the need to talk it through and to hang on to the time when it all seemed perfect. The vocals do their part to let the listener feel this state of mind, while there’s an awesome, at parts almost positive vibe transmitted through the backing. The duality of the situation is captured perfectly by the american singer/songwriter Trehern, and it takes a great amount of sensibility and emotional understanding to create a tune like that.

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