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Derek Spill – Wax Poetic

Emotions and melancholic vibes with a beaten-down twist.

The new release of Canadian electro artist Derek Spill brings a great vibe to the table. For me, this tune feels a bit like a force of nature. Being calm and chilled at one moment, ‘Wax Poetic’ can pick up speed, pace and energy like a thunderstorm. The used combination of piano tracks, synth backing melodies and those dark and calm vocals creates a mysterious captivating atmosphere somewhere in between ‘lost in the woods’, ‘deserted skyscraper’ and ‘holy hell, I think I’m going insane’. The additional vocal one-shots add even more tension and depth to the tune while the lyrics relentlessly are driving the track from start to finish.

Being a song about healing in love and working through a past of emotional scars and injuries, this tune really knows how to deliver emotions and these melancholic vibes with a beaten-down twist. Both lyrics and meldoic concept are transmitting the core idea in a very convincing way. Overall, this track lets you experience what is going on in the head of someone who went through all of the above.

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