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The Satellite Station – Come Home

When a song is felt as much as it can be heard.

The new release of singer/songwriter Travis Rue, better known as The Satellite Station, knows how to tell its story with a very melancholic core feel. Using a very defensive vocal setting in a soft and warm atmosphere built by mostly guitar and piano tracks, the tune definetly is designed to trigger feelings in the listener.

Something in ‘Come Home’ reaches out for me. Maybe it’s just the intelligent placement of any element in there that creates a perfect setting for the lyrics to have a maxed effect. But I believe it rather is the transmitted heavy-hearted vibe. Some of us might know exactly what this song is about, and in my opinion the tune puts the finger right where it hurts. For healing reasons, this is exactly what it needs to do. To realize where you are in a relationship helps to figure out a way what to do next. Unfortunately, relationships are not always happy and funny… this tune captures the situation perfectly. When a song is felt as much as it can be heard, it automatically can be found in my playlist.

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Florian Maier

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