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Monotronic – Kids of Summer

Time to get funkylectro, folks.

I know, I know, the new release of Monotronic feels mighty edgy at first. Thinking of it, I love the unusual raw approach of this song although it might scare away some of the listeners. But sticking to the tune, you’ll be rewarded with a unique electro pop with a retro twist. The vocals are embedded into a sea of synth sounds which are arranged in a way that builds a moving atmosphere. The several synth melodies merge with the driving beat like melting cheese, creating that signature retro vibe along a groove that will make you move no matter what.

The vocals contain a certain melancholy, but a rather positive one. Due to the way those vocals are processed, ‘Kids of Summer’ always has this vintage glow attached, making the tune stand out with a certain -let’s call it- warmth of the past. Don’t let the methodical and basic beat construct fool you, in this track nothing happens without a reason but is carefully constructed and wrapped with a very well-rounded crisp mix and a highly creative video. All in all, this track lets us all experience what it feels like to be one of the kids of summer.

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Florian Maier

CEO/Producer at kings mountain studios (kms). Drummer. Sound explorer. Music enthusiast. Critic. Writer. Husband. Father. All stacked up in 1.88 m, 80 kg.

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