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Imbibe – Sometimes

Retro groove somewhere between beach bar and electro disco.

This new release of Australian altpop duo Imbibe brings a retro vibed mood to the table. This lush, groovy electro piece fills the room with a melodic soft tune that will make you slightly move right away. The backing feels really warm and handmade, with a retro-classic construct to trigger a certain vintage vibe in me. For some reason, this tune takes me back a couple of years, putting a smile on my face while thinking about good, old times.

‘Sometimes’ is taking its time to deliver, which is awesome. While the synth chords and the vintage organ-ish melodies do their thing along the slow and methodical beat, the tune creates a very honest and human atmosphere with the soft intriguing vocals. With the way these vocals are harmonized, the track creates a great retro signature flavor somewhere between beach bar present and electro disco past, but reinventing its own genre in the process. Those of you who know me a bit know that I love to name new genres, so, for this track, I’m going with… Imblectro. Awesome, lush and groovy Imblectro.

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Florian Maier

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