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Paul Reynolds – Testing the Water

Breaking borders between art and music while blending melody and emotion.

The new release of Paul Reynolds contains a huge emotional moodset. All of the elements used in the tune are transmitting this ultra-effective melancholic vibe, from the piano-based backing to the harmonized vocals.

Normally I’m not too much into very serious and heavy-hearted tracks. Usually, they are feeling way too sad and depressive for me. But ‘Testing the Water’ is not your usual melancholic track. It’s completely different. The track feels very defensive and sad, but the sound is connected to what I’d like to call ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. This track surely isn’t one of the happy songs to be played while fixing dinner (and it doesn’t want to be anyway). The track creates an atmosphere with a very vulnerable core emotion, but also there’s this positive spark present in the melodies. Be it a playful synth melody or the vocals, something in there tells you it is going to be okay eventually. And I love this effect, it clearly shows that this song is not only dear to the multitalent Reynolds on an emotional level, but also it’s crafted very carefully to maximise the emotional effect on the listener. The sensitive atmosphere feels like rain that never hits the floor, thoughts which are never finished, questions without answers. The track is breaking borders between art and music while blending melody and emotion.

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