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Don Diablo – Thousand Faces

Get to know Don Diablo, the human being.

The new release of Don Diablo surprises with a very personal and emotional ingredient woven into the soft and warm melodies. The track contains a perfect balance of emotion and groove. The atmosphere is build by a defensive yet distinct synth construct filling the room with a certain vibe that feels like you just returned home. Not the one you are living now, the one where you grew up as a kid. Some of the effects feel like single thoughts, almost forgotten memories that fly by while shortly touching your soul again. The vocals of Andy Grammer give the song even more emotional substance through the careful expression. And the video coming with the song does underline the family theme that the song is all about.

What I really like about this track of Don Diablo is that he chose to share something very personal with us listeners out there. This track gives away not only his skills, but also a part of his soul. The tune emphasizes that once the curtain is down, any artist is a human being. With dreams, hopes, a family, needs, feelings, the whole package. It’s important to keep that in mind, folks. No matter how famous, how active or how present throughout the media – at the end of the day, artists are just like you and me. I love that this messages is highlighted in ‘Thousand Faces’.

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