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Dax – Dear God

Made to stir things up.

This track really hits with an unmatched amount of intensity. It has been a really long time that I heard so much passion and feeling in a rap song. Its both a reflection of the message and the importance of the topic.

The track creates a soft and almost safe atmosphere, and in this, you can feel this track is of really great importance to multitalent Dax. The topic isn’t a light one, yet the artist doesn’t hesitate to speak out exactly what’s on his mind. Moreso, not even what’s on his mind but on the mind of so many people out there. This is a personal letter to God, asking all the question that need to be asked. What really sends goosebumps down the spine is the fact that there are all those questions in there to find that so many of us wanted to ask ourselves but probably didn’t have the guts to do so. I was staring silently on the screen while watching the video that flawlessly highlights the music in quite a minimal yet ultra-effective setting.

You think this track is controversial? You’re damn right it is. It HAS to be. To reach out with your message these days you have to be direct. You have to confront people with the reality, you have to get heard. If this means to be controversial, so be it. I haven’t been hit by the message of a song with such an intensity for a long time. The frustration, the resignation, the anger, the uncertainity, the doubts – everything that’s there to find in ‘Dear God’ wants to trigger a reaction in the listener, and it does. This is not a song to just listen to. It’s made to think about its message. It’s made to stir things up. In a world as broken as it is today, it’s tracks like this one that actually can make a difference.

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