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Astrina – I’m Still Here

I guess we need a new genre for this track.

The new release of ASTRINA holds a certain positive vibe. The electro groove created by these stabby high pitched bubbly synth and those floaty and surreal vocal synth chords is a really awesome signature element in ‘I’m Still Here’. The sound feels like you’re sitting alone in a huge room that’s waiting to be filled with meaning by the decisions you make.

Once again, the vocals of the indie pop artist feel both vulnerable and confident, driven by the idea of creating that special vibe in her songs. In every tune of the American multitalent you’ll find new elements, she’s constantly re-inventing what she did the last time. This versatility keeps you in the dark what’s next – and I love it. This track is a perfect example. Just listen closely, you’ll find so much different little pieces that are put together like a jigsaw puzzle consisting of music. The warm and balanced mix highlights both the electro and the human aspect in the song. You can’t put the music of ASTRINA into an existing genre. I guess we need a new genre. I’m calling it Astrinectro.

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Florian Maier

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