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Andries – Bird of Paradise

A soundscape to explore.

The new release of Californian producer Andries is something for the audio adventurers out there. The track is best enjoyed with closed headphones, this will guarantee you an environment filled with sound, surprises and discoveries.

The most attractive thing of ‘Bird of Paradise’ is the huge amount of variety happening in there. The tune creates a very lively and curious atmosphere with the use of several synth tracks. While the steady and pumping beat section keeps the track at a steady pace attached to a certain groove, it’s the synth structures that sprinkle some addictive glitter on the sound. Although there are several synths combined – from soft and warm to harsh, edgy and distorted – the single melodies somehow are blending together perfectly. (And believe me folks, combining several synths with totally different textures is NOT an easy thing to do.)

This well-rounded track does not tell a story, it rather opens a door to a complete environment for the listener to explore. With all those things happening, from one-shots to melodies, the surrounding seems to constantly change, to evolve on one side while it degrades on the other. It feels as if you were listening to nature doing its thing.

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