SoCal Jack – Keep in Touch

You cannot fake this kind of honesty in music.

There’s this irresistible lightweight and ultra-groovy vibe present in the new release of one man band SoCal Jack. You might say that the production itsef is kept a bit minimal, because there’s not really a ton happening in the back, there’s just this sub-bass synth, an ukulele and a straightforward rhythm section. But you know what? This time it’s not about full-blown arrangements or stacked tracks that feel fat and saturated. This time, it’s about the feel.

And ‘Keep in Touch’ has this honest feel attached big time. With that ukulele strums, the track feels weightless and carefree, although the vocals suggest otherwise. With the subbass and the emotional vocals happening, the track indicates that there is a certain melancholy in there to find, but the rest of the track, even those quirky extras like the retro-disco-hits or the metronom-ish clacks, state that it’s important to not overthink the whole issue. For me, this track feels like the best friend coming over, handing you a beer, sitting with you saying ‘ah. screw it. There will be better times soon.’ You cannot fake this kind of honesty in music.

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Florian Maier

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