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Kristel – Let’s Be Happy

Life’s too short. Go for it.

Did you ever visit an exotic restaurant, ordering something from the menu you never heard of, just because it sounds exciting? Well, this track, taken off the recently released EP ‘Let’s Be Happy’, pretty much is such an exciting menu.

Okay, I admit it. I don’t understand most of the lyrics. But you know what? That’s not important, and here’s why. What I DO understand is the message. It’s not hard to get, the track oozes energy and passion all over the place. With a very interesting urban-flaired percussion and rhythm, the track builds an energetic and versatile environment with several effect tracks and one-shots. What starts calm and held back, erupts into a rollercoaster ride that’s upgraded with exotic vocals and driving passionate rhythms.

The ravishing vocals are blending in perfectly in the electro environment. With this confident and captivating voice, the track gets it’s final ingredient to shine like a diamond. From skilful mixing work behind the faders to thrilling vocal work behind the mic, this track makes passion feelable. The track seems to reflect the mindset of the dynamic trio from Madagascar. You gotta love the positive energy this track throws at you.

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