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Quartet Lane – Trenches

This feels like everything you encounter in a typical day of your life.

I’ll admit it: the rhythm got me within seconds here. I love the tango-ish approach of the song. Also, I love the tension that’s built during the verse parts, just to be relaxed through the chorus parts. It’s awesome because normally it’s the other way ’round – but the guys of Swedish altrockers Quartet Lane did an awesome job of just bending the rules here. And they did not stop with the classic song concept, not at all. They also blended several styles, several energetic approaches, several emotions… it seems they put everything they found in their creative box of ideas into ‘Trenches’, and I love it. There are several stages in the tune to find, all attached to an awesome groove that makes you move and, if you can, even sing along. (I can’t but tried anyway… now my neighbors hate me. Oops.)

Long story short: the song feels really down-to-earth, honest and believable. I can releate to the sound, and there’s energy, passion and (last but not least) a great amount of fun feelable in this new release of Quartet Lane.

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