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Austria and music... well, we had Mozart.

There are tons of skilled producers out there. With the musical landscape being so big and often times confusing, one of the major struggles for an artist is to get heard out there. While the music and tracks are the main important thing, it’s also worth taking  a look behind the scenes to find out more about the artists. What’s their drive? Why the passion? What’s part of their creative process? Where are they from and where do they wanna go? There are many questions to be answered. We talked with the outstanding 24 year-old austrian producer Max Baier about his productions and his background.

kms/ Was there a defining moment that marked the starting point of you as an artist?
Max Baier/ 
Ok, so my granddad used to moderate a old science show back in the days, where he also composed music for it. I never saw any outcome, as he passed when I was quite young, but he had a basement full of science stuff and Instruments. From the piano to the bass or the guitar, even self built instruments I found there. I always wanted to find out what it is about and why he collected so much of it.
I got into production when I was able to afford my own iMac, about 2 years ago. Everything I know I thought myself mainly from youtube, which is a great thing as it shows how decentralised our knowledge already is (laughs).

kms/ What is your main drive to create music?
Max Baier/ 
I want to find out how far I can go. Also, I already lived through quite a lot in my young age and music is just a great way to express your emotions in a way everybody understands and can relate to. In my theory good music happens because of unique, often sad things you live through in life, and I try to find out if that’s true.

kms/ Are you busy? What are your projects at the moment?
Max Baier/
 Time is always an issue. Currently I keep myself busy by uploading a track every 1-2  weeks, collaborating and of course promoting myself. I recently uploaded a song called „Fading“ and now I need to find something with what I am happier in comparison (laughs).

kms/ Describe the process of creating a new track.
Max Baier/ 
First and foremost I try to find a melody, wether its a musician with a catchy hook, or a vocal sample from Splice or something. Once I got that, I usually add some melodies and harmonies, then drums and effects. So basically, I start building the main part of the song first (everything so far within 32 bars) and then arrange it over time. But I feel like it often helps not to get to comfortable with regularities, right.

kms/ Describe your hard- and software setup in your studio.
Max Baier/
As for the hardware, I use an iMac along Yamaha HS5 Studio Speakers, a Komplete Audio 6 Interface and a crap midi keyboard (laughs). Oh, and also a second pair of cheap computer speakers as a reference. Speaking of software, I’m using Logic, Nexus, LFO Tool and Valhalla Room plus other plugins.

kms/ Are you interested in collaborations and if so, with what kind of musician?
Max Baier/ 
I always love to collab and give as many a chance as I can. Currently I’m working with my childhood buddy CB and one or two other musicians on the some tracks. Also, a couple of people are currently remixing my songs. My ultimate goal is to form a duo with someone down the road, pretty much like Hippie Sabotage. I see myself more as a technician, looking for the king of the hooks! (laughs)

kms/ Can you tell us something about the music scene in your home country Austria?
Max Baier/ 
Austria and music… well, we had Mozart! (laughs) There’s not much going on around here. Thanks to the internet, I am able to reach talented musicians around the world quite easily.

kms/ Imagine having  a truckload of cash at your disposal. What would you do with it?
Max Baier/ 
After saving my butt from the existence limit and having a good time, I’d love to find a way to help others. I used to volunteer a lot, so that would comprehend for that.

kms/ Since you use his artwork for your tracks: is there any connection to Banksy? If not, any special reason why you use his artwork for all your covers?
Max Baier/  
If there was a connection, I wouldnt tell, right? (laughs) No, just kidding. There is none. Except the fact that I really love his message. Its a bit idealistic, but in my opinion genius.

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