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Subcon – Monster in the Closet

Reminder: monsters are real, guys. Probably not the green, slimy ones though.

The newest release of Subcon once again hits you hard with raw energy. With an awesome mixture of rap and melodic lines, the Nashville based multitalent Brandon Ingram fires away the lyrics while being backed by a unique mix of synth tracks, guitars and an innovative drum/beat concept.

The story of the track is being told like a great play. There’s progression, there’s tension and there’s excitement happening in ‘Monster in the Closet’. The backing, as well as the vocals, contain a certain honesty that makes the track really believable for me. It’s not that the sound feels too much in-your-face or similar, its a unique blend of energy and emotion which is typical for the sound of Subcon. It’s like a trip to your mind where you’re facing a whole palette of different feelings and topics. Though this sound might be a bit more intense than what I usually write about, it’s this core honesty that makes the track so valuable. This sound is the real deal.

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