Mirabell – Not Letting You Go

This is not a story about a breakup. It FEELS like one while listening.

Imagine a scene where there’s a huge crowd at a train station or something. Everybody is rushing somewhere, there’s a huge level of sound and you can practically smell the amount of stress everybody’s facing. In the middle of all this, there is she, sitting at a piano, playing this song. I am absoutely sure that with her emotional vocal approach, Mirabell would be able to silence and calm that crowd just with her music.

Listening to the voice of the norwegian singer/songwriter backed only by a piano and some synth strings feels like being in a room with her sitting right next to you, as she looks you into the eyes, telling you something that’s really important to her. The message and the emotion Mirabell is able to transmit through her voice is just overwhelming. And it’s not about the pressure or dominance she uses within her vocal abilities, but it’s the opposite. With a voice so vulnerable and fragile, she got me listening with fascination and admiration for four minutes. The vocals are done so defensive and crystallic that I held my breath sometimes because these vocals just feel so unbelievably silky that you fear to frighten them away when acting the wrong way. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you prefer, this music is heartfelt and originates from the heart.
Some might say with this and other tracks on her soundcloud account, the production/final mix is a bit rough around the edges. I guess this is because Mirabell doesn’t do the music for getting big out there, producing tracks for the masses – but because she just wants to share it. And guess what: we are the happy ones, because she decided to share her music with us.

I tried to find out more about Mirabelle using my internet superpowers (some call it “search engines”). Unfortunately, to date, Mirabelle seems to be hiding in the shadows. I wasn’t able to find ANY additional information or source that would tell me anything about her. In my opinion, she should go out there and reveal her to the public in any way possible. As I said before, artists like Mirabell are SO valuable in today’s musical landscape. They need to get heard, and along blog writers like me, it’s important that everyday listeners can reach out and find outstanding artists out there without much hassle.

Artists like Mirabell remind us listeners what’s important regarding music. Forget the name, the fame, the record selling numbers or some nominations for meaningless awards. Feeling, folks. It’s all about feeling.

Mirabell on soundcloud

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