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Camera Thief – Modern Fiction

Emotional alternative alt rock at its best.

This track builds a very human, warm atmosphere for me. With a defensive synthscape, soft mixed yet driving drums and melodic guitar which build a base layer for the vocals, ‘Modern Fiction’ feels right at home for me. With a very emotional approach, the story is told with a huge credibility attached to every single element blended into the track.

As the song progresses, there’s tension and excitement added, giving the tune more and more of an uplifting flair, finally building towards what I lie to call ‘fireworks of sound’. I like that the track triggers this ‘it’s okay’ feel in me. While the song starts with sort of a melancholic down feel, it makes me feel like it’s time to stand up, dust off, and restart. The members of the Philadelphia based alt rock band know exactly how to pack this honest feeling into their music, they are not just firing away those notes off a sheet but try to deliver what’s going on inside their mind as well. Strolling around their actual album ‘The War Parade‘, I found that the sound always contains this special signature moodset along the melodies. Especially in times like these, we need meaningful tunes like this.

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