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Guy – Stay Away

This one will hit you with intense emotion big time.

The vocals in the new release of the artist from Israel are extraordinary. While the backing holds its place as a base for these vocals, the voice of Guy Sheetrit contains so much emotion and desperation that the unfiltered moodset is transmitted through those vocals. You can practically feel the desperation breathing down your neck as the singer vents the emotions off his chest, holding back during the verse parts but throwing it all out during the chorus.

But of course not all the credit goes out to the vocals, the driving bass line is an awesome signature move in ‘Stay Away’ as well. Along the guitars and the edgy heavy drums, it creates a huge amount of tension and drive, feeling somewhat cold and techy in the process. You could say this is the counterpole to the emotion happening in the track through the vocals and the melodic guitar tracks. Nothing in this track was an incident in my opinion. For me, the song shows perfectly the torn feel that the lyrics are all about. Being in a dark place, forcing away loved ones without knowing if its for their own good, or just for your own. The desperation within this situation was captured perfectly, but has been a refining process for several years as the artist stated. Out came a masterfully work that transmits as much awesome music as it transmits the feel attached to it.

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Florian Maier

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