Raincity – Crazy

Goosebump time, guys.

In a dark, mysterious setting with awesome lighting and in parts a real surreal atmosphere, this song knows how to hit the mark on several levels. ‘Crazy’ is a song that is received not only by your ears, but by your mind. As I was listening and watching closely, I found out that the several elements in this song, from vocals to the last instrument, have a special chemistry together. To me, it feels like the single elements are talking to each other on this awesome melodic and swingy level. There’s this mutual understanding happening between all of the musicians, and this acts like a superglue to the whole sound construct.

I love the band being on display at this art museum setting. Besides the track telling its story through the lyrics, I feel that what I like to call ‘alien mood set’ of a musician or a band was captured perfectly with the idea of this ‘framing’ of every single artist being closely watched by visitors but yet not fully understood. The seamless interaction of every musician, the lush bass line with the calm groovy drums, the vocals fooling around with the sax melodies, like they were pitching notes and accents at each other, the defensive but full guitar along the extras – evrything in this track makes the beauty in there so obvious that you want to grab the visitors by the neck, shake them and scream ‘DON’T YOU SEE IT?’ at them. The essence of the story being told, this frustrating and confused feeling in a relationship that goes wrong, was captured perfectly in my opinion through a different angle. ‘Crazy’ spans a beautiful bridge between music and art. THIS is how to put thought and passion into a well-rounded production.

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