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Hannah Halfpenny – I Want Your Love

THIS is my kind of love song.

Backed by a basic guitar and bass setting and minimal rhythm section, the stage is all set for the british multitalent Hannah Halfpenny. With a voice that contains many nuances, from sassy, to hurt, to confident, to demanding, to unsure, to fragile and all the way back she knows how to have a maximum impact on the listener. What starts quite relaxed picks up tension and energy through the skilled guitar playing and these signature vocals. Also, Halfpenny spans a really great tone range, and she’s able to jump those notes like a kangaroo if necessary.

I love the simplicity of the track that, if you listen closely, just seems to be simple after all. There are carefully placed effects and extra one-shot or melody tracks that are easy to miss but are very crucial for the track to keep its mysterious glow. Throughout the song (and her other songs as well) the artist knows how to surprise and keep what I like to call ‘smiling excitement’ in her productions.

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