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Vandalye – The Ride

Losing never looked better.

In a very calm and melodic way, the new release of Vandalye tells a story about losing. About the fact that sometimes in life you just lose, and there’s nothing to do to prevent it, and about having no choice but to be okay with it. The vocals are melodic and passionate, telling the story in a emotional way along the guitar backing wich spreads a great amount of groove into the songs’ atmosphere.

‘The Ride’ has an awesome amount of professional content. Containing the message about losing, in the end it’s the video that’s the real gamechanger in my opinion. Everything in the video, from script to cutscene, is a well-thought thing of beauty. The pictures are ultra-sharp and timed perfectly to maximise the message transmitted along. While it was really fun to watch the band get it, I also admired the stoic way in which the message was delivered along the music. I guess filming the clip was a rollercoaster ride in both directions, from hilarious to painful on several levels. And after all is set and done, losing itself can be said rollercoaster ride.

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