Michael Routson – Michigan Beauty

Get ready to listen to honest music.

Recently I stumbled upon one of the beautiful handmade alternative tracks by australian singer/songwriter Michael Routson. This is something to put your stressful day on pause for a couple of minutes.

Not the newest track, but in my opinion the most approaching one from Routson, “Michigan Beauty” comes with a really lightweight its-gonna-be-okay flavor. Backed with a swingy guitar setting, those soft vocals calm you down and just make you move. As additional effect, there’s also a bit of piano background track mixed in, making the overall feel of the song not only comfy, but bathrobe comfy. I really liked the description of the song on soundcloud, where Routson wrote “For when you decide to be late to work, so that you can make Banana Pancakes and dance around the kitchen with each other. Happy in a steady, quiet, and day-to-day sort of way.” Well. that pretty much sums it up. Checking out the homepage of the talented musician, I found out that this guy is not only a talented musician, but also funny and entertaining, which are key issues of any artist no matter what.

I guess Routson is that kind of guy who has to be tricked into playing a guitar and singing when enjoying a barbecue with friends. You know, this guy that always says something like “no, I don’t want to. I’m SO bad at singing.” I might interpret a bit much into his singing and appearance, but I think he’s not about fame or exposure, but found out that a couple of girls and guys could probably really like his kind of music. Plus he just LOVES music. (It’s really something you can hear from his singing and playing!)
I’m glad he does release music, but the producer in me doesn’t like the fact that most of his music isn’t recorded and/or mixed greatly (like, for  example, “Fairytale“, another outstanding track of him available on soundcloud).  On the other hand, he KNOWS these songs are rough around the edges, he knows that those are not polished or high-end, and guess what. He doesn’t care for now, and THAT, my friends, makes him ultra-believeable. This is musical honesty 101.

Michael Routson website
Michael Routson on soundcloud
Michael Routson on facebook

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