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Walking On Mountains – In Your Eyes

With a signature soft and melodic approach, the new release of the Sheffield based alternative rock band has a very unique flavor attached.

The energetic vocals are supported by melodic and emotional backing tracks on the right ends while the instrument backing creates a full base that always keeps this mysterious glow. Due to the wide-spaced reverbed synth atmosphere, the track delivers this special kind of ‘lost’ feel where you don’t know what will be next, but there’s a certain amount of confidence in those vocals to let you know that this isn’t the end.

For me, ‘In Your Eyes’ has a very uplifting feel despite itthe lyrics are about dealing with being lied to and not being able to escape this shame. If you’re down, this track will rip you out of your melancholic state, telling you through the melody and energy provided that everything is going to be fine in no time. It’s one of these kickass tunes that can be a daychanger if needed. Taken from the soon to be released EP ‘Vol. 1’, this track seems to be just a glimpse of what amount of energy and passion the alt rock band is capable of releasing.

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