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louderman – Mother Hurry

With a vintage glow, the new release of louderman knows how to get some feel and soul into the life of the listener.

Backed by a guitar, a retro synth and a piano, the stage is set for the vocals to tell their story. These vocals have this ultra-honest feel attached, and they are a thing of beauty when they are doubled and harmonized. While there are several additional things added, like some soft strings in the back and a defensive drumset, the track builds tension and releases it later on, pretty much like waves do on an ocean.

I like that ‘Mother Hurry’ transmits the feeling just like said ocean. It’s lightweight enough to feel free, yet its meaningful and thoughtful. And there’s enough energy in there to set an exclamation mark when needed. The used elements create a full environment in the head of the listener. All in all, this track is something to hear AND feel.

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Florian Maier

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