408 – These Days

No good things last so easily.

Boy, if you ever felt exhausted and down (typical after work night feel, you know)… check this one out and get ready to be smacked in the face with some good old fashioned punkrock vibe taken from 408’s album “What Are You Chewing?”.

You know me – I’m never comparing anyone to another mainstream artist. This time I don’t really have to. The guys of 408, Mark Faroudi, Matt Brock, Jon Jordan and Jake William Cerretani  sound very familiar, but they manage to keep their signature sound nevertheless by… sounding and acting somewhat  ‘fresher’ like… these other once popular mainstream guys.
With a held back intro, I got to admit that I was lured into some “nah, probably not” feel, when all of a sudden those drums set in. Felt a bit like the police kicking in your door, yelling “FREEZE!” – and you better do what they say. You gotta love this honest, right out of the box handmade energetic punk-styled tune. You can hear that this was played with fun! A lightweight guitar and bass section, and an awesome drum performance set the stage for those “we’re heeeere!” kinda vocals. The guys from Orlando are doing their music just like there’s no tomorrow, and I absolutely love that in a band. Checking out their other works available on Soundcloud, like “Roaming” where they get serious for a moment with an acoustic guitar/vocal setting, or “Odd Man Out“, another high-flying energetic track, it clearly shows they already found and use their signature sound. There’s a connection between the band members you simply cannot buy or force them into, it’s just there. From this point on, everything else seems so easy. Get those guys a couple of amplifiers, lights, and a stage. That’s it.

Also, I gotta talk about Jason Aaron Adams and James Paul Wisner, the guys behind the faders, for a second – they did an outstanding job with recording and mixing the band. From effect work to placing the single tracks in the mix, it all falls exactly in line. This is a thing of beauty. But wait, there’s even more! I didn’t mention the video of the song yet! The song even got upgraded with an effectful performance and a script that lets you know with powerful pictures done by BASQ productions that this is not just your happy everyday song, but comes with a message. The song description says, this song “was written from a place of, ‘when will things change for me.’ Once you realize somethings may get better, you realize to accept that you are going through a rough patch in life.”
See for yourself, the message is sent loud and clear.

408 is going to be smashing it out there, I am absolutely sure of that. One youtube fan wrote a comment, asking “Why aren’t these guys popular yet?” and the answer in my opinion is simple – don’t worry about it. They will be soon. Very soon.

408 on soundcloud
408 on youtube
408 on facebook


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