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Subcon – Therapy

These vocals are so unique that they will imprint themselves into your brain right away.

With a perfect mix of melodies and intense expressive, almost desperate spitted words, the track straps you to your chair, forcing the message on you like you as the listener were the sole reason all these emotions were hidden for so long. It’s this ‘now it’s my turn’ vibe that I love the most about the new release of Subcon.

The electro pop rhythm along those string synth tracks paint a perfect counterpart, feeling falsely safe and creating a somewhat unreal environment. To a certain degree it feels exactly like life – while there are safe and sound passages, sometimes you just feel like throwing it all back in their faces. With this feeling blended perfectly into the tune, for me the track reflects this torn feel we encounter on a daily basis perfectly. The best part is: it’s not melancholy, this is reality with an awesome groove. To me, it’s also a statement for the world out there not to try to repair what’s not broken.

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