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Nate Vickers – Ghost

The new release of Texan based Nate Vickers is emotional electro pop at its best.

With a soft and emotional voice, Texas based Nate Vickers lets you take a glimpse of his soul. Backed by a synth construct and a slow methodical beat, the vocals feel passionate and honest, plus they contain an unexpected amount of energy once the higher notes are sung.

The official video creates a dark and almost desperate atmosphere which goes perfectly along the sub bass melodies. With seemingly minimal effects (but realizing this project clearly was a ton of work), the dark room and those flashing lights feel exactly like those thoughts happening in your brain when you are chased by your demons in your head. The used pictures capture that lonely and somewhat desperate vibe in an outstanding way, while the music lets you feel what its like. ‘Ghost’ creates a living, breathing atmosphere for the listener.

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Florian Maier

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