CHELLA – Beautiful Losers

The struggle with your inner self has never been expressed more accurately with music.

Do you feel this awesome atmosphere happening in the new release of Chella? First, this feels mighty dark, alone, and lost. What starts with a melancholic setting – those moody vocals along a guitar in a roomy setting, evolves into a grungy rock anthem with a huge amount of kickass. Not necessarily because of the backing tracks, but the whole scenario feels like it’s throwing the statement in your face with intensity and the knowledge of how it actually feels to be torn inside.

I love it when an artist is able to express the general idea of a track with not too much elements happening in the track, but with a certain ‘force’ behind the music to aim for the mind, not for the ears. The track spans a range of feelings, from ice cold to desperate to so-what to giving up to bring-it-on. Listening to ‘Beautiful Losers’ is like staring yourself down in the mirror for four minutes. (By the way, do NOT try this if you’re in conflict with yourself. I’m serious.) It’s those raw feelings you carry around in your head every second of your life, and the australian singer/songwriter Chella was able to capture these feelings in an outstanding grungy fashion.

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Florian Maier

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