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Justin Grace – Hope + Okay (feat. Kylee White, Dark Remedy, Kayos)

This new release of Justin Grace is really the mystery box of tunes out there.

What starts with a soft guitar setting surprises with a slow and groovy beat. While there are emotional vocals added, the track keeps surprising with some really intelligent vocal one-shots, soft percussion, female vocals, an intense rap… it really shows that those guys put a lot of thought and effort into ‘Hope+Okay’. I really feel what they are trying to transmit here, the song shoots raw feelings at the listener, a wild mixture of melancholy, uplifting thoughts, intense rushing ideas… the track feels like a rollercoaster ride through your mind while staying in this calm melodic setting. All of this without loads of effects or unnecessary fillers that distract you from the main theme.

The attached music video clearly was a lot of work too, and it shows. Someone cared about every cut and picture to reflect the overall feel of the track, to bring out the emotions the best way possible. Not being a high cost ultra-polished mainstream track, this tune manages what a lot of those shiny tracks out there are not able to achieve: to deliver an honest message.

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Florian Maier

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