Drops of Indigo – Days Of Grace

When it hits, it hits you hard.

Today, I wasn’t really searching for something particular. One of these days, you know. Nothing special, weekend feel. Then, I stumbled upon THIS.


“Days of Grace” is the newest track of singer/songwriter duo Linda and Debbe, known as “Drops of Indigo” from Blekinge in the southern part of Sweden. When checking out this and the other tracks on their soundcloud account, something clicked. Their music changed my mood all of a sudden. Honestly, if I knew how they do that, I’d grab a guitar and get myself on the next stage right now.

With a soft strummed guitar backing, you get enchanted by those soft, comforting female vocals which tell you a story that really makes you think. But for me it’s not so much about the lyrics, but the overall feel transmitted through the music. (Well, it mostly is, otherwise I couldn’t do techno or growling speed metal reviews as well, right.) The swedish duo manages to pack their music with a huge load of feeling and soul. You can easily hear that they love doing music, and this is something that comes from their soul, it’s not a linear pattern they learned from a sheet right before recording the song. THEY as well feel what they’re giving you with their music. Call me old-fashioned, but this, folks, is the mere essence of what it’s about with music. I know, I’m repeating this like a broken record, but as long as you are not honest and believable, you won’t get far out there. Are these guys the real deal? It’s not a question anymore after checking out their works.

Both of the members of Drops of Indigo do sing (check out “Winter Feelings” for a dose of HIS singing as the main vocals), and both of them are excellent at it in my opinion. They also both play the guitar, and I guess all of the backing tracks and probably the mixing is done by them as well. When it comes to making music, they seem to have a strong connection, they just… complete each other, be it with backing tracks or additional background music. They just do ultra-well together. No wonder they are available on every major streaming platform, they have every right to be there. These two get real music out there. Taken from their bio on soundcloud, they “want to spread real emotions to the world through our art.” Jep. I’ll sign that right now. They do exactly that. If you have any doubts, listen for yourself.

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