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PuffHost – 20 Somethings

Okay, I need anyone who’s afraid of human-sized Avocados to leave this page right now. Or proceed at your own risk.

Okay, first I was wondering. Then laughing. Then shaking my head smiling. Then grooving along while laughing. Watching the video smiling. Grooving along again smiling. See the pattern here? The secret ingredient to the newest release of PuffHost is: fun. Oh, and avocados.

With a lightweight melody backing and a laid back effective beat, the stage is set for Ethan Rose & Myke Wilken, the two guys better known as PuffHost, to tell the story of the song. With all the lightweight and fun approach, the message included in there actually is quite a valid one, and that is one of the most important reasons why I love this song. A track doesn’t necessarily have to be dead serious if the message included is serious as well. It’s about how you approach the problem, I guess. The 20 Somethings out there know too well what the guys are talking about, and doing this in a fun and uncomplicated way helps to really have an impact out there. But don’t take that fun and easy going way too easy, this was a lot of work. While the video is fun and has that special free-time-vibe attached, it still is a ton of work to edit, synch and post-process.

We need more songs like this out there, guys. The world feels less depressing although the problems stay the same. THIS is how to deal with life in style. Not necessarily by dressing like an avocado. But being crazy (yes. the good crazy.) and positive.

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