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Kevin Todd – All I Want

Taken from the recently released EP “Where The Ducks Go”, one of the latest songs of Kevin Todd transmits raw youth energy including the memories connected to them.

With a somewhat lightweight and sassy approach, the alternative rock tune lifts off with that fresh rhythm, those driving backing guitars and these vocals with a huge amount of ‘so what’ attitude. For me, the track feels like an awesome surfing or skating anthem somehow. It contains something that I only can describe as a ‘retro flavored charm’, the sound feels carefree and a bit reckless – exactly like the youth, so this takes me back to the good old times when I was still young enough to get me in trouble on a regular basis.

Funny thing is we are not talking about a boy band from highschool here, this is the work of an artist who managed to catch, distill and transmit vibes from his life right through his music. This song took me back two decades, I was sitting there, slightly grooving along to the tune while smiling this back-in-the-days-smile for a couple of minutes. One of the most important achievements as a musician is to be able to deliver not only the notes but the mood. Feelings. Memories. And with “All I Want”, the canadian singer/songwriter Todd managed to do that perfectly.

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Florian Maier

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