Kate Vogel – Reasons to Stay

If you want my advice, stop whatever you are doing right now. Just sit and listen to “Reasons to Stay” in silence. Learn what it means to find yourself in a situation like this. Feel it. It’s all there in those three minutes of Vogel’s new track. This isn’t just music. It’s a part of the artists’ soul we’re talking about here.

The environment that the vocals of Kate Vogel create often times is of melancholic and vulnerable nature. It hurts to assume that she learned channeling her emotions mostly by first hand experience, and for that reason the world is a colder place than before. Luckily, the music of Kate Vogel manages to counter the cold, bringing emotion, passion and honesty back in here. Somehow, after all she’s been through, she manages to give warmth and beauty in return. I seriously have a hard time wrapping my head around this fact.

As you can hear, “Reasons to Stay” is minimalistic, emotional and honest. There’s just the piano, some very defensive backing atmospheric effects, and those beautiful vocals. With her signature singing, Vogel confronts the listener with unfiltered mood and passion, and although the music is a thing of beauty regarding melody, composition and harmony, what I love most about the works of the american singer/songwriter is what she actually transmits through her tracks. It’s not just about the song, it’s about the feeling. I believe that you have to get those life scars to be able to deliver emotion in that special fashion, making the listener feel helpless. Speechless. Partly guilty. Vogel has the rare gift of having an impact with the music she creates.
After all is set and done, it’s music like this that will stick to your head, it’s music like this that actually means something.

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