Kate Vogel – The Grave

This is one of the most intense emotional ballads I listened to in a long time.

Coping with the loss of loved ones always is connected with intense pain, everyone who lost someone in the past knows how this feels. Singer/songwriter Vogel dealt with the grief partly with writing songs about it, and “The Grave” was one of these songs. In an ultra-fragile setting with only a minimal reverbed atmosphere, the vulnerable vocals of Vogel let the listener experience how situations like these feel inside. All the thoughts racing inside your mind, every painful detail, the self-doubt and even silly questions revolving around the situation – Vogel managed to give me a detailed glimpse of the feelings and emotions this song is packed with. In my opinion you cannot blend in so many feelings in a song if you haven’t experienced what you’re trying to express. In a way, the work of Vogel actually feels like this tiny voice inside our heads that most of us are trying to keep in the shadows, trying to ignore it because it hurts dealing with our own vulnerability. Seems she’s not afraid to take it all out, that’s a brave move if you ask me. Take a look in the mirror, then tell me if YOU were able to do the same.

Needless to say, “The Grave” isn’t your everyday happy radio tune. What Vogel offers is nothing less than a part of her soul, a part of what she felt and how she feels right now. You have to listen carefully to what the artist is trying to tell you, and you have to let those feelings have an effect on you. It even may hurt inside once you fully grab the message, but this is the real beauty of music after all.

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