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Two Feet – BBY

Time for some awesome electro pop mixed with some analogue warmth, folks. Perfect for those cold dark autumn days.

The newest release of Two Feet contains a roomy setting which creates an atmosphere. In there, the laws of time seem to be not working anymore. You find yourself floating in the sound of those reverbed guitar-ish loops. The sounds feels as if everything around you would happen in slow motion, with the vocals being the only constant in there. The whole production uses intelligently placed one-shots to keep the track lightweight, interesting and loaded with a certain amount of groove.

This track of the NY based producer Two Feet is a multitalent. It doesn’t matter if this track is used for a commercial, as a slow-motion etntrance at a fashion show or at a big dancefloor in a club – “BBY” is an electro track with an irresistible warm analogue feeling attached to it.

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Florian Maier

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