How to get reviewed/featured

Getting your song reviewed is pretty simple:

If you want me to hear your song and publish a review of your latest track, just send me the song via SubmitHub.

Once I received your submission, I’ll keep you posted about the progress and the published review. I try to listen to as much submissions as I can, but be aware of two things:
1. There are tons of artists out there, this means tons of submissions for me every day.
2. I’m only publishing reviews of songs I like and want to recommend. I take pride in what I do, and I try to hold up a certain standard when it comes to both the submitting artists and the dedicated readers of the blog. All of you deserve that I not only rush through the submissions but give detailed feedback, both on the artists AND the listeners end. So, if I can’t review your song, I’ll contact you and let you know the reason why.

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