Hillary Capps – Reeds

In a sophisticated deep-diving atmosphere, the new release of New York based singer/songwriter Hillary Capps exists in a realm beyond our existence.

I love the slow-motion approach of the track. Every element feels meaningful, every single item is placed carefully to not disturb the soft flowing state of the tune. Revolving around the topic of death, envisioning the world after humanity, the tune carries something special, something final marking a new beginning. “Reeds” takes its time, letting you know that it has all the time in the world to tell its thoughts. Time isn’t a factor anymore, and this is what makes the track so special for me. There’s this floating vibe present, as the sound slowly expands in all directions undisturbed by human interference. With a minimalistic usage of backing instruments and percussive extras, the song builds a dream-like state for the listener in which he/she is allowed to just exist.

For me, “Reeds” doesn’t set up any boundaries. It doesn’t expect something from the listener. It just is there, spreading wisdom for those who want to listen. And done in this special glowing way, those vocals feel understanding, nurturing, and textured with the knowledge of not knowing everything. That’s another intriguing aspect, it’s up to you to form a meaning or a definition of the track, as it only opens the door to some topics and thoughts, leaving enough room for interpretations and development of your thoughts. Taken from the EP “from the quiet of the underworld”, the song and its three companions describe themes of identity, death, and rebirth, indicating that Capps won’t shy away from subjects just because they are uncomfortable or hard to wrap your head around. It’s this sophisticated nature of her works that makes the music of Capps such a rare gem out there.

Florian Maier

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