Kublaii – Berlin

I really like the atmosphere created by the new release of Utah-based singer/songwriter Kublaii. It’s not easy to describe, the sound feels just familiar. A soft groove that has a special pulsating twist, it’s like listening to a soft and steady heartbeat of life.

Did you ever watch the world do its thing in a city while the sun went down? Just sitting and watching how life progresses while only watching for a couple of minutes? “Berlin” paints this scenery for me. With a very heartfelt and defensive approach, the song tells its story about heartbreak and hurt feelings in a surprisingly honest manner. It’s not that often that you can truly feel the artist’s intention through a song, but in this case, you can. There’s melancholy present, but also the sad knowledge that everything will be alright eventually. You can feel that this wasn’t an immediate response to the situation, but a mature pitch on what happened without lashing out. It’s closing a chapter by speaking out what needs to be said but without the bitter and aggressive part.

In this tune, 21-year-old artist Kublaii addresses a situation that is not easy to talk or sing about, and he puts it into words and sounds that keep the optimal balance between emotion and light groove. This song exactly describes how any of these emotionally hard situations should be handled, the tune takes a step back and a breath before putting it out there, and this is the thing that I absolutely love about “Berlin”. Processing a breakup never sounded better.

Florian Maier

Owner of kms reviews. Drummer. Sound explorer. Music enthusiast. Critic. Writer. Husband. Father. All stacked up in 1.88 m, 84 kg.
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