Lauren Minear – Real Me

The new release of singer/songwriter and trained psychotherapist (no kidding!) Lauren Minear takes you on a refreshing journey about change. And it does so with a shy but intense emotional vibe without taking the matter too seriously at the same time. And overall, besides the pristine vocals and the original backing, it’s this special way how the topic is handled that fascinates me in this tune.

In a fresh musical atmosphere that combines handmade and electronic components to create a contemporary surrounding, the voice of singer/songwriter Minear always has what I would like to call a “celestial definiteness”. Yes, I know this description might sound a bit weird. But listening to these vocals, you can hear a lot of seriousness, combined with a playfulness that easily merges life lessons learned with a lot of fun in the process. The music video of the tune highlights this vibe as well. While the track does its thing talking about change, about developing character and the obstacles it brings along, the pictures give the topic a big smile throughout all seriousness.

With that special soft appearance, the artist manages to get you to groove along to the music wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, but it also makes you think about change. Most of us want change to happen constantly, right? Yet at the same time, we are concerned, or even fear change. While we are seeking change in ourselves, we also are worried about how we will be seen out there. We’re shy, we’re afraid to show who we really are, and we’re self-doubting us every other second. (Fun fact: as an artist, this feeling will multiply with everything you create.) In the end though, in my humble opinion, it’s not about what others think. We should always be just who we are. Nothing more, nothing less. But that’s a lot easier said than done, right?

And here’s where the song comes into play. On several levels, the tune puts a spotlight on the situation, taking you by the hand and showing you that change is a good thing – and that staying true to yourself is equally important. For me, “Real Me” highlights the importance of being okay with doubt to a certain degree, as long as you always remember who you are and what you want. I love how this message is transmitted in this lightweight manner, holding a balance between a very easygoing texture and an acknowledging subcontext for the serious nature of the thought. In a way, this track can be seen as the anthem for anyone who wants to change something but initially shies away from doing so. The wonderful thing about the track is that it doesn’t matter what kind of nature the change is, the main thought can be transposed to every situation out there.

To find out more about the artist’s essence regarding heart and soul, make sure to check out her other tunes from her forthcoming album called “Chasing Daylight”. You’ll find an unanticipated palette of emotions and energies within only those couple of songs – from vulnerable to kickass, from fun to sad, in every other tune the singer reveals another part of her soul, always garnered with that signature blend of backing with a twist.

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