Dover Lynn Fox – Phantom Lover

I love how the track starts its journey. Maybe you know that feeling… you don’t want to think about something, yet your brain won’t give you a break. These constant thoughts and feelings are lurking around, trying to push themselves to the front, starting from a nebulous echo and building to a full-blown topic that casts a shadow over everything else.

And that’s what “Phantom Lover” does for me from the first seconds on. With a soft yet distinct approach, the tune develops from an initial thought to the dominant topic on the emotional main stage. Once fully arrived at the core of your mind, the track unfolds to remind you of things that were, things that are, and things that will be. Ideas and thoughts are circling restlessly while clinging to the past and embracing the future at the same time. This might apply to the actual topic of relationships, but actually, I think you can transpose the song into every other topic as well. Work situations, dream-chasing opportunities, sleepless unprovoked turns of fate, you name it. You’ll find a connection of the song with literally any subject that keeps those thoughts moving restlessly in your head.

The created canvas by singer/songwriter Fox is outstanding. Taken off of her upcoming EP called “Low Moon”, this track contains an atmosphere that is filled with sound at the same level as it is filled with emotion. With what I would like to call “carefully balanced intensity”, the tune uniquely tells its story, combining wisdom, learned lessons melancholy, and expressive outspokenness.

Florian Maier

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