Beth Roars – Power Of The Wolf

This, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly how to build a canvas for your imagination. Better yet, a canvas for your soul. The new release of singer/songwriter Beth Roars creates a unique atmosphere with enough energy for a room full of listeners. In a wide mysterious setting, the vocals use the dense vibe to let the scenery shine with a perfect signature mixture of darkness, light, and powerful vibes.

Celebrating the wildness of nature and the pleasure of excess, this tune contains an untamed mood that feels loaded and ready. Sparkling extras fill the room with adventurous excitement, as the vocals do their thing in their natural habitat. What attracts me most in “Power Of The Wolf” is this enchanting wilderness that projects a dozen images in your mind. This can be a place, a feeling, a mood, you name it. There’s a passion present in the voice, as well as desire, determination, and a certain shy defensive appeal. It’s awesome how the singer can seamlessly switch between all those, creating a unique texture of the unknown.

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Florian Maier

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