Dance Yourself Clean, Back Talk – 2 Late

Not their latest release, but labeled as the “best song we’ve ever made” by the guys behind Dance Yourself Clean, this tune knows how to impress.

I’m not sure if it’s the best they ever created though since the guys are totally at home in the universe called “groove’n’style”, but “2 Late” surely has a very unique style that can be best described as ‘majestic’. Synths and a relaxed rhythmic construct create an atmosphere that feels well-rounded and wholesome. Somewhere in between dream and reality, backed by a soft and immaculate female voice, the track creates a slow-burning groove and manages to be in constant motion but also in slow motion at the same time.

Due to this fact, the tune actually is as much of a storyteller as it is a mover. With sparkling textures and a roomy glow, the track feels like the beginning of a chapter, but also like the transition to a new one. Through this special vibe, although synth and electro-based, the tune gets a very accessible human touch, feeling silky and soft as it gently abducts you into the night.

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